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Javelin Technical Training Center
Flexibility and quality come together here at the Javelin Technical Training Center. Choose from multiple specialized training programs designed to prepare you for your career at Javelin Technical Training Center.

Earn the money you are worth by getting the career skills you need! Javelin Technical Training Center approaches education differently - programs are designed to benefit you via training in the classroom or the Internet.

Your career training begins with an in-depth assessment of your knowledge, skills and interests. You are assured that the education you receive will be exactly right for you.

Classes are completely flexible, allowing you to arrange your learning the way you see fit. If you can't make it to class regularly, Javelin Technical Training Center offers you the convenience of distance learning. Either way, you gain functional and competitive skills to jump into the job market and begin your career in challenging fields!

Javelin Technical Training Center Programs:
  • Information Technology
  • Medical Office
  • Office Administration

A bright future really is only a click away! If you would like to receive more information, or contact with a professional advisor regarding your individual situation as related to this school, please complete the online information form below. We respect your privacy! Your information will never be used for any other purpose other than communications regarding the School.

Javelin Technical Training Center
1396 Southlake Plaza Dr
Morrow, GA 30260-1756
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   Javelin Technical Training Center Career Services

One of the biggest advantages of becoming a student at Javelin Tech is the comprehensive career and job placement assistance services that you will receive. Our dedication to you includes helping you start your career in information technology so your training doesn't end in the classroom. Javelin Tech has a full-time Career Services Manager on staff who is dedicated to helping our students secure employment in their areas of preparation. We will assist you with every aspect of your career search including resume preparation, networking and developing job leads, scheduling and preparing for interviews, following up on job leads, etc.

Career Strategies workshops are conducted monthly and we also invite employers into the learning center on a monthly basis to speak on a variety of career-related topics. There is no additional cost to students for this service.

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Javelin Technical Training Center